The Hidden Cost
 Public Awareness Campaign in Print and Video
The Hidden Cost Blood Mineral Awareness is a fictional nonprofit organization based in Washington D.C., whose mission is to inform the consumer and change public opinion on the consideration of the environmental and humanitarian costs of the electronics industry. This informational packet contains a folder, brochure, call-to-action, business card, and associated designed to educate the reader about the unseen environmental and humanitarian costs of Columbite-Tantalite mining in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
This campaign is targeted at professionals making $40,000-plus annually. They are the type of individual that buys the “next-big-thing”, regardless of cost. The strategy is to put a human face on the problem, to show how the rush for Coltan is affecting the people of the DRC. This is done through a combination of print and viral videos. The concept that drives this strategy is to literally put a face to the words of the campaign. Through the use of typographic portraiture and photo manipulation, I blend a combination of words and images into a photo of those affected.
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